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I learned to care for locs through Karribean Kinks! I chose to specialize in natural hair and loc maintenance because I found that most people had no clue how to care for their natural hair! It brings me joy to help others find ways to embrace their natural crowns!


Starting August 16th Office hours are 9a-6pm any services scheduled after operating hours will an extra fee of $35 at time of booking. 

Please be on time for appointment...deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and appointment is forfeited after 15 minutes.
I understand that things come up...if you are needing to reschedule please do within 24-48 hours prior to the appointment and your deposit will be applied to that appointment.

If you are a NEW CLIENT please schedule a consultation before booking to ensure you are booking the proper services.

If your locs HAVE NOT been maintained in 3 months or more you will need to book a restoration appointment to get your locs properly groomed.

Any extra services(styling, detoxing, etc.)will need to be communicated at the time of booking to ensure appointment timing is accurate. You can reach me via text or FB messenger.

All appointments must be booked via website...if you request a fit in appointment there will be a $10 deposit paid before receiving your fit in time slot. PLEASE BE ON TIME!!!



Moisturize your locs with leave-in conditioner & water mixed in a water bottle. DAILY!!(mist lightly) Too much moisture causes frizz. (We don't like FRIZZ)

Gently Oil your scalp 2-3 times a week. 

SATIN DURAGS work best for starter locs 
Bonnets or Loc socks are great for matured locs

Take care of your locs and they will grow and be healthy for life.





"Very Professional"

"Great Service"

"Very knowledgeable"

I've had Many locticians over the years, Dee is the best by far. She is very organized , and she doesn't have scheduling issues. She Does Absolutely Great Work, and she sends me reminders about my appointments. I also love that she Promotes Healthy Hair.

Deverre gives the best service possible! She is efficient and makes sure my locs are well maintained. 

Deverre has always been known for doing a great job with styling hair, but for me it was more than just the styling. With my locs she takes her time and makes sure her work is presentable and neat. She also keeps you informed with the products she use and the best ways to maintain healthy hair. I know without a doubt my hair is in great hands!!!

Rakeem Peair

Brandon Crawford

Misty G

Thank You For Choosing Lovely Locs To Care For Your Loc Needs!!!!